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Biltwell 7/8" Whiskey Throttle Single Polished


Construction: CNC-machined 6061 T-6 aluminum clamshell and throttle tube; chrome-plated steel cable ferrules; plated Allen cap clamshell mounting hardware.

Fitment: Cable ferrules included with both styles are designed to fit an assortment of thread-in and clip-in cables. Whiskey throttle grip tube is machined to accept rubber motorcycle grips (like our Kung Fu grips, for instance.) Select aftermarket molded throttle grips with integrated cable channel may fit our clamshell assembly, but we do not recommend making this modification unless you are a competent mechanic or trained professional—there are too many variables that are impossible to test for safety and performance.

Details: Click Tips & Tricks for complete instructions for assembly. If you aren’t a competent mechanic, we don’t suggest buying this product. Motorcycle throttles are precision assemblies that require experience and talent to assemble and tune properly.