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XS 650 Stainless 1-2 Intake Manifold Kit


These manifolds are a perfect way to simplify your intake system. My take on motorcycles in general is that the simpler you make them, the less opportunity there is for something to go wrong. This stainless tubed 1 into 2 intake manifold eliminates the need for two carbs. No more synching, buying duplicate jets, duplicate rebuild kits, etc. Part is TIG welded using 304 stainless mandrel bends with mild steel flanges.

Kit is designed for Mikuni VM 34 and 36mm Roundslide carbs. This kit is designed for custom applications.

These now have the option of either Left or Right side mount depending on what exhaust you are running you may want the carb to mount on the right side of the bike.

If you have a special intake request send me an email at and I can work with your custom intake needs.


1 - Stainless TIG welded 1-2 Intake Manifold
1 - High Temp Silicone Coupler
2 - Stainless Hose Clamps
4 - m6 Black Oxide Allen Bolts/Stainless Washers
2 - Intake Manifold Gaskets

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